1. Getting stated on PIIIPO.

- You can download PIIIPO Apps from Apple Store or Google Play Store. Just simple type PIIIPO in search and install Apps from Store just as easy as a click.

2. How do I apply?

- Register a new account with your phone number and valid email address from PIIIPO Apps. After fill in necessary information, a verification email will send to your mailbox to activate your account. Or go to Login at front page of PIIIPO Web and choose JOIN NOW to register your new account.

3. Where are you making appointments? 

  • Appointments are booked on Piiipo website and mobile app:   


Figure 1 – Web                                                    Figure 2 – Mobile App 

4. Is it the closest driver that will respond to the appointment or how is the driver notified to come pick up a customer? 

  • The following is the Piiipo workflow:   

  • Customer books a driver according to driver’s available time and date  

  • Driver accepts the appointment request   

  • Customer pre- paid for service and merchant pre-holding the fund   

  • Driver completes the service and gets paid.  

  • A text message will get sent out to customer or vendor.  

  • Driver or service provider set up available time and a service rendering fee.   

  • For example, the driver can set his / her price for picking the client up from airport. 


5. How do you book an appointment?   

  • Customers and service providers (also called “vendors”) should first register in Piiipo as members.   

  • Customers can look up the various type of services and the vendors who offer them as well as their available date and time.     

  •  Once a matching vendor is found, customer sends booking request to the vendor.   

  • Vendor can accept or not accept.   

  • If accepted, both customer and vendor will get a text message to confirm appointment date and time. 


Figure 3 – Vendor Selected 


Figure 4 – Make Appointment 

Figure 5 – Confirm and Make Payment 


Figure 6 – Appointment Made 

6. How can we access the application? 

  • We provided access to our web application for preview purposes.  Let us know if it is not the case.   

  • Piiipo is currently available on iOS and Android mobile apps and can also be used on the web at piiipo.com.  See screenshots below.  


Figure 7 – Mobile App Screenshots 

7. How do you contact your business on the website? 

  • All members can chat with us online or reach us by service@piiipo.com email and call the service phone line at the footer of Piiipo website.  


8. If I can’t find the app in the app store, what can I do? 

1) Go to your iPhone “Settings.”