About Piiipo

How many times you were stressed out by just searching for quality baby sitters? How many times you have spent hours to look for a good hairdresser to get your hair done?  Have you struggled when you first came to a new area for business travel or studies  and felt helpless not knowing where to get help? 

Is there an easy way to lookup the information for people who offer their assistance? Absolutely yes! There is Piiipo! 

So why Piiipo?

If you pronounce it as [pee:po] which sounds like "people."  The 3 "i"s in Piiipo represents Customers, Vendors, and the Piiipo Platform who joins hands who making life easier and more productive. As the saying goes, "We can’t live without 'People'", which is what Piiipo is all about. 

What does Piiipo do?

Piiipo was founded to provide a platform for sharing the untapped personal and professional skills in a non-traditional way to meet everyday needs of our peers.  Piiipo is an innovative platform which offers quality vetted vendors and put them at the customers' fingertips for making life happens. 


The Piiipo Team

1751 Pinnacle Drive, Suite 600

McLean, Virginia 22102